Mo Fayyaz

Welcome to this new feature on the St. Mary’s website.

I’m using it to recognise and thank people who make living in Chesham worth it. It won’t be very scientific. It will probably be a one-sided – that is, people that I am aware of and bump into. But I am lucky enough to know and bump into lots of different people so please keep on checking back here to see who’s being thanked. I’ve commissioned a unique card from VistaPrint which I’ll be giving to each new member of this glorious company of good people.

You literally couldn’t start with a better person than my good friend Mo Fayyaz. Mo has been a good friend to me for all of my time in Chesham. He has lived here in Chesham since 1967 and has worked in a whole variety of local businesses. About 15 years ago he became a local Councillor (Lib Dem).

I want to recognise and thank Mo because he is such a hardworking, get-things-done, inspire-others-to-get-involved person. You’ll often see him with his high viz jacket on picking up litter and helping clear a pathway of nettles and weeds. He is constantly involved in a huge variety of community projects and a very enthusiastic supported of our local Hospice. He is a popular and respected community leader who is nuts about Chesham along with the next two generations of his family, who are also happily here in the town.

Mo, Thank you for inspiring so many people, for being a true ‘public servant’, and working so hard to build bridges of friendship and respect in our town!

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