St. Mary’s Mission Partners

We support people and organisations at work across the world in Jesus’ name, through prayer, financial giving and mutual encouragement.

Below are some brief profiles of our current mission partners, with links to their website

Financial Support and Prayer

Beacon School, Ghana

The Beacon School seeks to act as a ‘beacon’ of hope, direction and leadership in its community. It is preparing tomorrow’s leaders today who will, hopefully, influence Ghana and the international community in the future.

St Mary’s Mission Champion: Gideon Hudson


CSW is a human rights organisation which specialises in advocating and supporting religious freedom; it works on behalf of those persecuted for their Christian beliefs and promotes religious liberty for all. 4.5 billion people live in countries where religious freedom is violated.

St Mary’s Mission Champion: Sheila Pittman


CPAS has been helping churches reach out with the message of the gospel since 1836; enabling churches in the UK and Ireland to help people hear and discover the Good News of Jesus. 

St Mary’s Mission Champion: Peter van der Sluijs

Eastwoods (OMF)

OMF seeks to serve the church and to bring the Gospel to all the peoples of East Asia. 

David Eastwood is acting deputy international director, continuing to provide pastoral care and training for 60+ OMF missionaries in Taiwan. He ensures that all missionaries at language school and in their first term receive adequate support and mentoring.  

St Mary’s Mission Champion: Rob & Rachel Edwards                   


Novimost works in Bosnia Herzegovina seeking to encourage young people in stepping up to serve and looking forward to opportunities to invest in both their own future and that of others across the ethnic and religious divides.

St Mary’s Mission Champion: Simon Evans

Tear Fund

Tear Fund continues in its passionate fight against poverty and injustice across the world, seeking to end poverty around the world, empowering the local church to make it happen.

Further information on Tear Fund can be obtained from their website: –

St Mary’s Mission Champion: Sue Brown


CMS is a part of a mission community to encourage each other and work together – to pray together, learn together and participate together in mission.

Further information on Church Mission Society can be obtained from their website:

St Mary’s Mission Champion: Jo Bonner 

Steve and Maria King (Betel)

Betel UK is an independent Christian charity for men, women and families affected by drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness. Through work, well-being and worship, we restore broken lives.

Steve and Maria King work and live in the Birmingham Betel Centre. 

St Mary’s Mission Champion: Janet Steward
Via the Parish Office or via St Mary’s Churchbuilder.

Prayer and Fellowship

Matt Coles (Army Chaplaincy)

Matt Coles was a former curate here in Chesham who now serves as a British Army chaplain. Since 1796, the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department has ministered to soldiers and their families in times of war and peace. Chaplains are honoured to provide spiritual support, pastoral care, and moral guidance to all, irrespective of religion or belief. 

St Mary’s Mission Champion: Nick Brown

Chiltern Foodbank

An issue very close to home, Chiltern Foodbank provides people in Chesham and the surrounding areas who are in crisis. No-one in our community should have to face going hungry, and the Chiltern foodbank takes donations from local people to provide to those in need. You will see their donation boxes in local supermarkets. They also have sites in Amersham, Little Chalfont and Wendover.

St Mary’s Mission Champion: Sheena Watney