Kids at St Mary’s

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Kids at St Mary’s takes place during both the 9am and 11am services on Sundays.  We start off together in church, and then head down to the Church Rooms for fun games, activities and Bible study both in small groups and all together.

Children’s Groups:

There is a creche and toddler group for 0-3’s at both services. 4-11’s spend some of their time all together and the rest of their time in age appropriate groups.wp5112e865

We take child protection very seriously and ensure that all our leaders have DBS checks and are well trained.


Below is a video that explains how our registration system works if you are a regular. If you are a visitor you need to register before the service or take your child down to the Church rooms when the children leave the service.

Prayer Resources

We have put together some prayer resources to help you pray at home together.

Here are the instructions for the resources: Instructions

Please find the resources below:

Feelings game



Grab bag